Bringing the Produce Store Online

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Bringing the Produce Store Online

As much as we love perusing the Market, can we do it online?

It's about convenience:
Your time is important to us. You need the food that nourishes your family quickly and efficiently. Order ahead for pickup saves you valuable time. It's ready when you are and on the way to where you are going. 

It's about sustainability:
Your orders insure the viability of our many local farmers, growers and businesses. They rely on restaurants, schools and hospitals,  and YOU to purchase their crops, keeping them in business, growing healthy, fresh food for our community. This is the best food to consume because it represents the shortest distance between two points, less travel means less pollution, less emissions, and you are rewarded with supporting your neighbors.

It's about Safety:

Less handling, no squeezing and touching and no dropping. Farmers bring food to our immaculate, refrigerated and organized warehouse. We hand pick your order with the gloves and proper face masks.  This insures you are only person to touch your food in the whole process. That's safe for you, your family and all of our community. 

It's about value:

Our prices change with demand. That means you get the best price at all times. Our pricing is updated periodically ensuring that you get the price that farmers relay to us. 

What do you love about Farmer's Markets? Let us know! Maybe we can bring that to this online market.