Going back the the Basics

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Going back the the Basics

In uncertain times, we make life safer and easier...

Lumetta Produce has been one of Michigan's largest and most dedicated produce provider for four generations. With the COVID 19 pandemic, we have watched our schools and restaurants close temporarily, leaving a huge void in our community for farm fresh food. We made the Lumetta Fresh Market website to make it easier for anyone in the Metro Detroit area to order the highest quality fruits and vegetables quickly and most important, safely.

Our farmers, suppliers and small vendors who surround our community are also struggling. They have to get this fresh food to market to sustain their livelihood, and to avoid food waste. It is time to support these growers from our community. Lumetta Fresh is the conduit to provide this food in a safe and secure way. Secure for ordering and transactions.  Our operational standards are above and beyond the recommendations of the CDC.  Lumetta Fresh Market believes this is essential to provide you, the consumer, the freshest and safest produce available.

Lumetta Fresh avoids middlemen, shelves, checkouts, consumer handling of products, unnecessary travel, and limits exposure from anyone who is not protected with CDC recommended washing and safety equipment. These measures insure the safest possible farm to table purchasing of fresh and hard-to-find local food.

Our dedication is your reward. We look forward to being your source for all your grocery perishables, during this pandemic and well into the future.

- Your Family at Lumetta Fresh Market